The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of 50 km of coastline that runs south of the Sorrento Peninsula, in the Campania region. It is characterized by steep cliffs and a jagged coastline scattered with small beaches and fishing villages.

The coastal road which runs from the port city of Salerno to the rocky flanks of Sorrento twists and turns between sumptuous villas, terraces of vines and lemon groves perched over the sea. The Amalfi Coast is a natural paradise in which to hold your wedding in Italy coast.

The Amalfi Coast is known for being the land of orange blossom and lemons, the saltiness of the sea, incredible beaches and the wildest mediterranean shrubbery, all of which seems to hang vertically, alongside houses with sea views and picturesque streets.

The beaches along the coast are simply heaven on Earth: a stunning spectacle, which allows you to bask in natural splendor. And for those in search of greener spaces, there are hundreds of wooded trail paths along the coastline, overlooking the sea.

The Amalfi Coast is known and celebrated worldwide for its artistic and natural beauty: suspended, as if by magic, between blue sky and sea, the whole offers up multicolored reflections.

The region looks as if it had been conceived on a painter’s palette, one in which the warmest and most lively shades were combined to create a landscape that might enchant the visitor at first glance, offering up its gift of singular sensations, and views so spectacular that one might doubt, for a moment, whether they are actually real.

The Amalfi Coast is a renowned, mesmerizing destination in which to have your wedding in Italy.
A wedding on the Amalfi Coast is for the incurable romantics; those who love the sea and panoramic breathtaking views; those who love the colors and smells that this part of the world offers up; and all those who want to crown their love in a spectacular and unforgettable setting.


Thousands of couples from abroad have chosen to have their wedding in Amalfi Coast, including numerous celebrities.

The actress Beverley Mitchell – Lucy in 7th Heaven – married Michael Cameron on 1 October 2008 in a beautiful church on the Amalfi Coast.

Italian politician and former minister Renato Brunetta also said ‘I do’ on the Amalfi Coast, to Interior Designer Titti Giovannoni, as did the legendary former defender of the Italian football team Alessandro Nesta, who wed his girlfriend Gabriella Pagnozzi amid the chants of fans who had travelled down to the coast to support their favorite son, before the wedding party enjoyed a traditional Neapolitan menu, as per local custom.

In 2008, the Amalfi Coast provided the backdrop for the marriage of entrepreneur Tronchetti Provera and his beautiful wife Afef, while the “Gladiator” himself, Russell Crowe, stopped off on the coast to attend his manager’s wedding in Positano.

The Amalfi Coast is also very popular as a honeymoon destination: the Iranian Shah, Reza Pahlavi, chose to spend his honeymoon in its marvelous surroundings, immersed in the thick Mediterranean vegetation, amid the colors and aromas of olive groves and citrus trees.

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The Amalfi Coast is one of the locations most favored by couples wishing to celebrate their marriage, be it for the beauty of its scenery, its historic architectural features – such as the delightful steps that line the coast – or indeed the endless choice of panoramic locations, from hotels to villas.
A reception on the Amalfi Coast possesses an equally fresh and traditional flavor; its stunning promontories and cliff-side vistas will enchant couples, who won’t be able to resist its captivating, natural allure.

Having a wedding on the Amalfi Coast is a dream for many couples, thanks to a unique landscape which emanates culture and tradition. A heavenly place offering a perfect mixture of luxury and natural surroundings, it is a perfect setting for a dream wedding in Italy.

Those who hold their wedding in Amalfi Coast can also take advantage of the stunning views to take a photo or two for the wedding album. Staging your wedding photos on the Amalfi Coast gives them a very intimate feel: the area features numerous Saracen towers, which give the photos a particularly chic, noble aesthetic. The evenings are accompanied by a cool breeze coming in off the sea, and the lights along the coast induce a feeling of wellbeing that will be evident in the most beautiful photos of your life.

For the reception, you have a choice of numerous venues that will indulge all five senses. Offering you a mixture of refinement and authenticity, these places will be the architects of that one eternal moment, made to be remembered forever. Whether it is a villa overlooking the sea or a supremely stylish hotel, it will provide the perfect background to your love.

Nor will the region’s long culinary tradition disappoint even the most demanding palates. In a matter of kilometers one moves from sea to mountain, from shoreline to orchard, and from aristocratic to peasant traditions, leading to an ingenious blend of tastes and ingredients that will reign over the wedding feast.

The combination of natural surroundings and history make the Amalfi Coast truly one of its kind: love is in the air, and this makes it a perfect destination for a dream wedding in Italy coast.


The wedding ceremony changes based on the faith practiced by the couple. As an increasingly multicultural country, every type of ceremony is now possible in Italy, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, symbolic, civil or another kind.

MY WED IN ITALY’s expert team of will manage the administration of all the documents required for your wedding in Italy.

A civil ceremony for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast: A civil ceremony must be conducted in a town hall or other, specifically authorized venue. The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes and is performed by a local state official. Most town hall function rooms are located in historic buildings or large municipal villas, all of which provide a fantastic setting for your wedding celebrations on the Amalfi Coast. The ceremony can also be tailored to your personal taste with musical selections, personalized vows written by the bride and groom and readings chosen by the couple. By celebrating the entire event at the chosen venue – both the civil ceremony and the reception – everything will be even more easily customizable: the couple can select every detail based on their particular tastes and personalities.

A religious ceremony for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast: Under Italian law, the ‘Concordat’ marriage is a canonical marriage transcribed by the State in order to recognize its civil implications. Both types of ceremony, whether civil or canonical, confer the same rights and responsibilities upon the married couple. A religious wedding, by virtue of the provisions of Concordat law, also has a civil value if, at the end of the religious service, the presiding priest reads several articles relating to the rights and responsibilities of the married couple from the Italian Civil Code, and the marriage act is inscribed in the civil register.

Other religious ceremonies for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast: In line with the provisions of the Italian Constitution, all religious denominations are equally free before the law and it is therefore possible to celebrate every kind of marriage (Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, etc.).

A symbolic ceremony for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast : A symbolic ceremony may be held in any venue of the couple’s choosing. It might be a place which has a special meaning for them, or with which they have an emotional connection, or simply somewhere that has caught their imagination: a garden or park; a terrace with a view over the sea; a castle or villa; a chalet in the mountains or a private home. As the marriage is not recognized by law, no specific documentation or certificates are required. The symbolic weddings organized by MY WED IN ITALY are specifically tailored to the wishes of every individual couple.


All the churches on the Amalfi Coast are Catholic. You can have a wedding on the Amalfi Coast with a Protestant service in a private venue.

The most intimate venues, which couples love the most, are also the most sought after. Generally speaking, all of the Amalfi Coast’s churches are in high demand; we would therefore suggest that you start planning with us well in advance, so as to ensure that you can have your wedding in Italy in the location of your dreams.

Civil marriages can be celebrated on a municipal terrace, overlooking the sea, or in one of the former Benedictine convents dating back to the 12th century – or even a sumptuous historic palace and its gardens.

Here are some possible locations for your wedding in Amalfi Coast: For those who want to make a dream come true on the day of their wedding, the Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice, filled as it is with venues overlooking the sea, from which arise spellbinding vistas over the beautiful borghi, the small medieval towns along the coast.

Luxurious and exclusive venues, among the most highly regarded in the Mediterranean, include the charming hotels that fill the spaces of ancient, 12th-century mansions, imbued with the atmosphere and charm of times gone by. The large gardens that surround the numerous internal rooms also make these the ideal location to celebrate a wedding on the Italian coast in any season.

The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the most romantic parts of the Bel Paese (“the beautiful country”) as Italy is known. With its spellbinding atmosphere and magical surroundings, the Coast grants you the ideal setting for the day on which you crown the love you had always dreamt of. Your wedding on the Amalfi Coast can be an enchanting occasion that matches your feelings and style perfectly: a reception that is at once refined and sophisticated, while remaining original and unique at the same time.

MY WED IN ITALY will guide you through the choice of dream venue for your wedding in Italy, suggesting the most suitable options for what you want, while keeping an eye on your budget.


The Amalfi Coast offers beautiful views and landscapes to say the least, which will impress you at any time of year. The climate on this coast is typically Mediterranean, with warm summers and mild winters that are not too cold.

Little rain and lots of sunshine: that is the best way to sum up the weather on the Amalfi Coast. Rainy days are so rare that one can barely remember them when compared to the hundreds of hours of sunshine and good weather one experiences on this fabulous coast.

In the summer months, the Amalfi Coast puts on its most appealing attire, with the vegetation in bloom and the sun lighting up the hills; yet the sea is even more beautiful and exciting, particularly when its vast expanses are painted myriad shades of green and blue, shifting with the changing depths.

The most beautiful time to visit the Amalfi Coast is certainly the spring, from April to June, when a whole host of aromas and colors burst forth, the sun is already warm and you can easily allow yourself a first dip in the sea without it being too busy.
Similarly, September is particularly good for enjoying days that are still warm with fewer crowds at tourist sites.

In winter the temperature drops slightly, but never so much it is unbearable. During this period you will be able to enjoy another side of the coast, less well-known but no less beautiful for that. During this season the Amalfi Coast acquires the special charm of the sea in winter, marked by coastal storms that almost cause the water to lap against the balconies of the houses and towns that have suddenly emptied out. A time of year that will appeal to true romantics.

Based on the type of wedding you wish, the wedding planner Italy at MY WED IN ITALY will be able to recommend the time of year when the weather can ensure the absolute success of your wedding in Italy.

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A taste for beauty, an eye for detail and a absolute dedication to you and your guests are our major priorities, to ensure that the day of your wedding in Italy matches up to your every dream.

By trusting My Wed in Italy you won’t have to think of a thing: the entirety of your wedding in Amalfi Coast will be organized down to the most minute detail, in line with your instructions. Every aspect will be planned well in advance, both for you and your hosts, if necessary. You will also have the option of guided tours, so as not to miss out on the best parts of the Amalfi Coast; accompanied by a local guide, you will be sure of experiencing everything that the area has to offer.

We are very familiar with all the procedures required to organize a foreign couple’s wedding in Italy and can offer you our proven experience. We take care of all the necessary documentation so as to make sure that your dream of getting married in Italy is stress-free and suffers no setbacks whatsoever.

We will ensure your perfect day is exactly that: perfect and unforgettable.

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