Situated in central Italy, and stretching from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea, Tuscany plays an unquestionably central role in world tourism. The region’s landscape and artistic heritage, together with its major cities, make it one of its kind in the world – with a wealth of history, borghi (small medieval towns) and villages to be discovered. Furthermore, the region’s administrative center, Florence, is a cradle of history and art, and holds some of the most famous examples of Renaissance art and architecture in the world.
The landscape of the region is varied, taking in the rugged Apennine mountains, the beaches of the island of Elba in the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as the olive groves and vineyards of the Chianti area. Tuscany has over 2000 years of history to its name, and has seen the birth of some most celebrated artists, writers and scientists of the past; it therefore boasts a unique historical, artistic and literary heritage.
Many people choose to stay in Tuscany in order to appreciate its extraordinary artistic and cultural offerings, while others prefer a vacation in the midst of the region’s beautifully unspoiled natural landscape. Lovers of good food and wine are drawn to the region as a destination to taste the simple and authentic flavors of its local wines and traditional dishes.
Throughout the region one finds numerous borghi, small medieval towns with a wealth of history, as well as ancient castles and fortresses, rural churches and charming abbeys. There are also numerous establishments dedicated to well-being which, thanks to thermal waters and modern health spas, offer the chance to relax with every kind of treatment.
Tuscany is a wonderfully romantic destination for those who wish to come and celebrate their wedding in Italy. Anyone looking for an idyllic experience in a dreamlike setting should undoubtedly celebrate their wedding in Tuscany wedding Tuscany.

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Style is the watchword for international stars, and what better place than Italy for a fairytale wedding?

Tuscany is the pride and joy of Italian tourism, highly valued for its quality of life, its landscape and fantastic cuisine. The region offers venues to suit all requirements, from the most luxurious hotels to villas and restaurants – even if the most popular option remains the agriturismo (farmhouse retreat) chosen by Kim Kardashian for her wedding.

Thousands of foreign couples have chosen to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany, including numerous celebrities.

Adriano Celentano married Claudia Mori in Tuscany in 1964, before renewing their vows in the 1980s.
The first foreign celebrity to choose Tuscany as the location for their fairytale wedding was David Bowie, when he married Iman Abdulmajid in Florence in 1992, after two years together. The singer chose Tuscany because he felt a strong connection to Italy, and had always been a great admirer of Italian art.

Among the latest VIPs that have held their wedding in Tuscany, we might mention that of former Inter Milan footballer Wesley Sneijder to actress and model Yolanthe Cabau.

Princess Carolina de Bourbon-Parma, niece of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, uttered a royal “I do” in Tuscany in 2012, when she chose to wed the rich entrepreneur Albert Brenninkmeijer wedding in Italy.
In 2013 Aradhana Lohia, daughter of the Indo-Thai magnate Aloke Lohia, one of the world’s richest men according to Forbes Magazine, tied the knot in Florence, where she married Kevin Sharma – a wedding that cost almost 20 million Euros. Approximately 600 rooms were booked in the city’s luxury hotels for those invited to the ceremony.

In May 2014, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West married in pharaonic style in Tuscany; the couple spent 300.000 Euros on their fairytale wedding, where the sensational tenor Andrea Bocelli provided the soundtrack to the ceremony.

Manchester City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart chose the hills around Florence to marry Kimberley, his girlfriend of six years. Some of the biggest names in world football attended the extremely private, exclusive ceremony.

In the same year, the region witnessed the most spectacular Indian wedding ever. Three days of festivities celebrated the love between Rohan Mehta and Roshni. The bridegroom, the only son of a billionaire, lives in Dubai, while his 29-year-old bride was born and brought up in London. Together with her sister, she started a major fashion business that now supplies the major names of the international jet set. Florence provided the location, with 500 guests and 20 million Euros spent on the ceremony.

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Tuscany is the land of art, culture and love.

A combination of excellence and breathtaking scenery ensure Tuscany stands out among possible locations for a destination wedding Italy. With weddings across the region’s different provinces, preferred venues vary from villas to agriturismi (farmhouse retreats), castles to luxury hotels.

Towns filled with innumerable, heavenly corners offer the couple and their guests peace and privacy. The choice of a Tuscan location will charm everyone involved, leaving them absolutely speechless.

Tuscany, with its wealth of beautiful and artistic cities, borghi and fabulous countryside, is the land that inspired Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Giotto – and it has seen innumerable young couples fall in love along its roads. Huge numbers of people have chosen to crown their dream of love in this beautiful region, choosing from a wide range of different contexts – from the Mediterranean sea to the hills and mountains of the Apuan Alps. Tuscany provides the perfect background for your photos and videos in order to make your wedding in Italy both spectacular and unforgettable.

Countless churches, both historic and modern, provide the background to venues for every kind of wedding, adapting perfectly to the personalities of every bride and groom.

Furthermore, Italy is the undisputed home of traditional cooking, with highly acclaimed and exceptional food to suit every taste. This added value underpins and contributes to wedding receptions: your guests will be astounded by the dishes on offer, Italian gastronomy being among the most well known and appreciated in the world. And should you choose to extend your stay beyond the day of the wedding, you will also have the opportunity to take part in tastings of typical local produce.

Tuscany offers its visitors a wide range of services: whether its meeting you on arrival, transfers and/or transportation, or overnight stays with all kinds of related activities, the region ensures the break will be an even more enjoyable one for the bride, groom and guests.


The wedding ceremony changes based on the faith practiced by the couple. As an increasingly multicultural country, every type of ceremony is now possible in Italy, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, symbolic, civil or another kind.
MY WED IN ITALY’s expert team of will manage the administration of all the documents required for your wedding in Italy.

  • A civil ceremony for your wedding in Tuscany: A civil ceremony must be conducted in a town hall or other, specifically authorized venue. The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes and is performed by a local state official. Most town hall function rooms are located in historic buildings or large municipal villas, all of which provide a fantastic setting for your wedding celebrations in Tuscany. The ceremony can also be tailored to your personal taste with musical selections, personalized vows written by the bride and groom and readings chosen by the couple. By celebrating the entire event at the chosen venue – both the civil ceremony and the reception – everything will be even more easily customizable: the couple can select every detail based on their particular tastes and personalities.
  • A religious ceremony for your wedding in Tuscany: Under Italian law, the ‘Concordat’ marriage is a canonical marriage transcribed by the State in order to recognize its civil implications. Both types of ceremony, whether civil or canonical, confer the same rights and responsibilities upon the married couple. A religious wedding, by virtue of the provisions of Concordat law, also has a civil value if, at the end of the religious service, the presiding priest reads several articles relating to the rights and responsibilities of the married couple from the Italian Civil Code, and the marriage act is inscribed in the civil register. Tuscany is full of majestic churches in which to hold unforgettable weddings.
  • Other religious ceremonies for your wedding in Tuscany: In line with the provisions of the Italian Constitution, all religious denominations are equally free before the law and it is therefore possible to celebrate every kind of marriage (Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, etc.).
  • A symbolic ceremony for your wedding in Tuscany: A symbolic ceremony may be held in any venue of the couple’s choosing. It might be a place which has a special meaning for them, or with which they have an emotional connection, or simply somewhere that has caught their imagination: a garden or park; a terrace with a view over the sea; a castle or villa; a chalet in the mountains or a private home. As the marriage is not recognized by law, no specific documentation or certificates are required. The symbolic weddings organized by MY WED IN ITALY are specifically tailored to the wishes of every individual couple.


There are so many wonderful and varied locations for your wedding in Tuscany: be it the amid the verdant hills or by the blue of the rivers, the region will have the perfect setting for your special day. Nor can the cities fail to captivate the bride and groom and their guests, filled as they are with art and unending emotion.

Tuscany is one of the richest regions in the world for art and culture, thanks to the work of artists such as Dante and Collodi, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, each as unforgettable the work they produced.

Have you ever thought of having your wedding photos amid the streets of Florence? Or Lucca? Or a small borgo in the hills? You will barely believe your eyes…

Depending on the type of wedding to be organized, when planning your wedding in Tuscany with a religious ceremony, you have the choice of a wide range of churches of different sizes, all from different periods and featuring a wealth of art and history.
Alternatively, for non-religious ceremonies you may choose any location in Tuscany that aligns with the bride and groom’s dreams.
For a civil marriage it is also possible, with the necessary planning, to celebrate in the chosen venue following the signing of the register at the town hall.

Here are some possible locations for your wedding in Tuscany:

Sumptuous, grand mansions, at once elegant and modern, offer indoor rooms for winter weddings as well as the large gardens often favored for summer celebrations. Large swimming pools, available for guests to use, also add that touch of class that will make your wedding in Tuscany all the more memorable for everyone.
You might also choose to celebrate your wedding in Tuscany in one of the typical borghi, the small medieval towns nestled among the hills, which are enchanting and romantic locations. The borghi and its views, the food, wine and company will all come together to make every bride’s dream a reality.

Elsewhere in Tuscany, there is certainly no lack of castles in which to swear to eternal love. Medieval mansions also provide a uniquely romantic setting rich in antique charm, and will undoubtedly make your perfect day unforgettable.

MY WED IN ITALY will guide you through the choice of dream venue for your wedding in Italy, suggesting the most suitable options for what you want, while keeping an eye on your budget.


Tuscany is the ideal location for a winter wedding, given that the colder weather is not too harsh, but above all for spring or summer nuptials, whether you choose a city, the sea or the hills.

From spring to winter, Tuscany provides unique, striking landscapes that serve as the perfect backdrop to your wedding in Italy.
In the spring, the lengthening days end with unforgettable sunsets; towns awaken, and encourage romantic walks through the narrow streets and ancient borghi, where artisans’ workshops mix with the green of the hills and the breathtaking views of hillside villas.

The summer is warm and sunny, and so the sea becomes one of the most popular locations for Tuscan weddings, where the coastline’s countless beaches are the site of solemn declarations of love.

Even during the winter, the temperature is mild: there are few very cold days, and these are largely confined to the months between December and February. At this time of year it is the ancient, historic buildings spread across the centre of the cities, or the spellbinding castles, which take centre stage.

Based on the type of wedding you wish, the at MY WED IN ITALY will be able to recommend the time of year when the weather can ensure the absolute success of your wedding in Italy.


A taste for beauty, an eye for detail and a absolute dedication to you and your guests are our major priorities, to ensure that the day of your wedding in Italy matches up to your every dream.

By trusting My Wed in Italy you won’t have to think of a thing: the entirety of your wedding in Tuscany will be organized down to the most minute detail, in line with your instructions. Every aspect will be planned well in advance, both for you and your hosts, if necessary. You will also have the option of guided tours, so as not to miss out on the best parts of Tuscany; accompanied by a local guide, you will be sure of experiencing everything the area has to offer.

We are very familiar with all the procedures required to organize a foreign couple’s wedding in Italy and can offer you our proven experience. We take care of all the necessary documentation so as to make sure that your dream of getting married in Italy is stress-free and suffers no setbacks whatsoever.

We will ensure your perfect day is exactly that: perfect and unforgettable.

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