Italy’s Lakes are undoubtedly one of the many spectacular landscapes the country offers.
Having your wedding at Lake Como, one of Italy’s magnificent lakes, with its singular, characteristic surroundings, will make your perfect day unforgettable. You will be enchanted by its captivating, cinematic beauty, along with the peace and tranquility that only places of this sort allow.

Saying “I do” to one another beside a lake is as romantic as it gets, and a perfect wedding by Lake Garda is the ideal setting for an emotional wedding with a slightly retro feel.

The lake is always superb, changing in color, light and atmosphere at every time of day or night. To avoid missing any of its various tones, the perfect solution might be to have the wedding ceremony in the morning, thus allowing the bride and groom and their guests to enjoy the daylight hours to their fullest, before staying on into the evening, until sunset, entranced by the magnificent view over the water and enjoying the location’s nocturnal qualities. And if the festivities are still going, it is perfectly possible to dance all night by the lake, as darkness grows and the thousands of lights come on one by one.

The Italian Lakes are a popular destination for romantics who want to celebrate their wedding in Italy.
True originals have their wedding at Lake Como: those who are unafraid to dream, who enjoy dazzling landscapes, and are drawn to places where peace, quiet and tranquility are the order of the day.

A lake is an sophisticated destination, as well as a magical and appealing location. It may well be the most appropriate place to have a wedding in Italy that looks like those you see on film.

Thousands of foreign couples have celebrated their wedding by the lake in Italy, including numerous celebrities.

On 18 November 2006, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chose Lake Bracciano, just north of Rome, as the setting for their wedding in Italy. A extremely private, exclusive ceremony that drew crowds of photographers from all over the world.
Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker chose the same location in 1998.

Going back further in time, Tyrone Power and Linda Christian came to toast their marriage on the shores of Lake Bracciano, following their spectacular Roman nuptials. This is also where Martin Scorsese wanted to marry Isabella Rossellini in 1979.

Stylish and prestigious, Lake Bracciano was also later selected by Petra Ecclestone, one of the mainstays of the international jet set, as the location for her marriage to rich businessman James Stund, with a record-breaking celebration that was probably the most expensive luxury wedding ever.
A Lake Como wedding bewitched Emily Blunt however: the actress best known for The Devil Wears Prada chose its shores as the stage on which to crown her romance with John Krasinki, with a guest list including the likes of George Clooney, accompanied by his then partner Elisabetta Canalis, Matt Damon and Meryl Streep.

The singer John Legend and model Christine Teigen tied the knot here in 2013, also choosing to celebrate their wedding by Lake Como. In this case however, the couple’s choice was not solely dictated by the beauty of the location: it had a special significance for them as the place they had first fallen in love, years previously.


Nothing says, “fairytale wedding” like a stunningly elegant villa, or a magnificent luxury hotel with a view over the lake!

The magnificent, sophisticated villas by the lakes of Northern Italy are the perfect destination for exclusive events, ranking very highly among venues for weddings in Italy.

Those who are looking for an unbeatable, unique atmosphere will be astonished at the beauty of the Italian lakes. The tranquility offered by the lake, added to the solemnity of the mountains behind, make the landscape particularly appealing, while the elegance of the surroundings and the charm of stunning architectural forms set against natural splendor will offer the couple and their guests a range of truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences and sensations.

The most popular lakes for a wedding in Italy are undoubtedly: Lake Bracciano, in the province of Rome, in the Lazio region; Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda, in Lombardy.
But all of the other, smaller lakes spread across Italy can be transformed into the perfect, idyllic location for your luxury wedding.


The wedding ceremony changes based on the faith practiced by the couple. As an increasingly multicultural country, every type of ceremony is now possible in Italy, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, symbolic, civil or another kind.
MY WED IN ITALY’s expert team of wedding planner Italy will manage the administration of all the documents required for your wedding in Italy.

A civil ceremony for your wedding at Lake Como: A civil ceremony must be conducted in a town hall or other, specifically authorized venue. The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes and is performed by a local state official. Most town hall function rooms are located in historic buildings or large municipal villas, all of which provide a fantastic setting for your wedding celebrations by the lake. The ceremony can also be tailored to your personal taste with musical selections, personalized vows written by the bride and groom and readings chosen by the couple. By celebrating the entire event at the chosen venue – both the civil ceremony and the reception – everything will be even more easily customizable: the couple can select every detail based on their particular tastes and personalities.

A religious ceremony for your wedding at Lake Como: Under Italian law, the ‘Concordat’ marriage is a canonical marriage transcribed by the State in order to recognize its civil implications. Both types of ceremony, whether civil or canonical, confer the same rights and responsibilities upon the married couple. A religious wedding, by virtue of the provisions of Concordat law, also has a civil value if, at the end of the religious service, the presiding priest reads several articles relating to the rights and responsibilities of the married couple from the Italian Civil Code, and the marriage act is inscribed in the civil register.

Other religious ceremonies for your wedding at Lake Como: In line with the provisions of the Italian Constitution, all religious denominations are equally free before the law and it is therefore possible to celebrate every kind of marriage (Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, etc.).

A symbolic ceremony for your wedding at Lake Como: A symbolic ceremony may be held in any venue of the couple’s choosing. It might be a place which has a special meaning for them, or with which they have an emotional connection, or simply somewhere that has caught their imagination: a garden or park; a terrace with a view over the sea; a castle or villa; a chalet in the mountains or a private home. As the marriage is not recognized by law, no specific documentation or certificates are required. The symbolic weddings organized by MY WED IN ITALY are specifically tailored to the wishes of every individual couple.

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Lake Como, with its refined, elegant surroundings, was ranked as the most beautiful lake in the world by Huffington Post in 2014.

One of the world’s foremost VIP destinations, Lake Como is becoming an increasingly desirable location for weddings for couples from Italy and abroad, making it the perfect choice for the most exclusive, luxury events.

Lake Bracciano, just outside Rome, was formed from a volcano and is Italy’s eighth-largest lake in terms of size. Offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital, it is a small piece of paradise in which you are free to lose and discover yourself; a place in which to enjoy your dream wedding with your guests in perfect privacy and tranquility. Favored by even the most discrete VIPs, it is without question among the most suitable and popular locations.

Less touristy and more authentic – though no less distinguished as a result – Lake Maggiore is particularly recommended for couples who want to enjoy beauty and sophistication without compromising on greater privacy and authenticity.

At Lake Garda you can choose whether to get married in one of the many villas in the colonial style, a rustic farmhouse in one of the many borghi (small medieval towns), a fairytale palace or a villa with a romantic view. Here you can choose from ceremonies on the shores of the lake, or a civil ceremony at an oasis on the lake itself. There is also no shortage of small, delightful churches in the traditional style by Lake Garda, for those who wish to organize a religious ceremony.

Here are some possible locations for your wedding by the lake in Italy: Exclusive, historic villas epitomize a wedding at Lake Como. Summer houses that were once the residences of noble families, with gardens containing hundred-year-old trees, also create a unique atmosphere. In the warmer seasons the terraces which overlook the lake are another, particularly appealing setting.

These romantic locations and their small corners of paradise promise the bride, groom and their guests an unforgettable day.

For your reception, a series of sophisticated and stylish villas are the most popular locations for a wedding at Lake Garda. The grandeur of the buildings and the beauty of the views will ensure the lake is an enchanting, picturesque location.

At Lake Bracciano, one of our most sought-after locations, there is also the option of an ancient castle, all the splendor and history of which is available for the bride and groom to enjoy.

Elsewhere, there are exclusive and prestigious – yet discrete – hotels perfectly suited to a stunning, intimate wedding at Lake Garda, complete with charming romantic views.
These are locations from another time, surrounded by enormous parks in which to stage a refined wedding at Lake Garda that is one of its kind.

MY WED IN ITALY will guide you through the choice of dream venue for your wedding in Italy, suggesting the most suitable options for what you want, while keeping an eye on your budget.


In the autumn glow, but also in spring, a lake provides one of the most evocative background landscapes.

Depending on where they are located, lakes will be affected by different environmental features. Throughout Italy the climate is relatively mild, typically Mediterranean, but the weather varies considerably from north to south.
In the North the climate is usually slightly harsher, where winters are cold and summers warm.
In the Center the climate is more temperate, with a smaller variation in temperature between winter and summer than in the North: the colder period is shorter and less intense, and the summer is longer and mild.
In the South and on the islands winters are never too harsh, while autumn and spring have temperatures comparable to those of the summer season in other parts of the country.

In Italy the difference in temperature between the North, Centre and South of the country can be significant. It is therefore worth seeking the advice of your wedding planner Italy at MY WED IN ITALY so as to choose the most suitable period and location and ensure that the day of your wedding in Italy is just as you always dreamt it: perfect.

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A taste for beauty, an eye for detail and an absolute dedication to you and your guests are our major priorities, to ensure that the day of your wedding in Italy matches up to your every dream.

By trusting My Wed in Italy you won’t have to think of a thing: the entirety of your wedding at Lake Garda will be organized down to the most minute detail, in line with your instructions. Every aspect will be planned well in advance, both for you and your hosts, if necessary. You will also have the option of guided tours of the city, so as not to miss out on the best parts of the area; accompanied by a local guide, you will be sure of experiencing everything the city has to offer.

We are very familiar with all the procedures required to organize a foreign couple’s wedding in Italy and can offer you our proven experience. We take care of all the necessary documentation so as to make sure that your dream of getting married in Italy is stress-free and suffers no setbacks whatsoever.

We will ensure your perfect day is exactly that: perfect and unforgettable.

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