Getting married in the Dolomites

A mountain wedding might be considered an unusual choice and should be considered with care – but it will certainly provide extraordinary experiences, particularly in a setting that is one of its kind.

The Dolomites are truly unique… When talking about these mountains, from the Marmolada to the Pale di San Martino, and the three peaks of Lavaredo on the Sassolungo, we’re talking about landscapes that can captivate in all seasons.

In the summer the Dolomites’ imposing stature looms large against the blue sky, mellowing with the warmth of the season and the scent of mountain flowers; here the eyes feast on the brilliant green of the endless forests and pastures, which make it one of Italy’s most verdant regions. In the winter, the ever-present whiteness of the snow provides a dreamlike atmosphere for those who choose to get married in this distinctive setting, which suggests purity and innocence, silence and intimacy. Whichever season you love the most, the Dolomites are certain to offer you the breathtaking mountain scenery you want for your wedding.

Getting married in the Dolomites has so many advantages, and not only for those who want to escape the heat. The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage site and easy to reach, offering you a first-class welcome and a wide range of charming locations.

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